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  1. Serena Tinari, Switzerland, Investigative journalist / Chairwoman investigativ.ch / Co-founder, Re-Check
  2. Nicky Hager, New Zealand, Investigative journalist, Freelance
  3. Blaž Zgaga, Slovenia / Croatia, Investigative journalist, Freelance / Nacional
  4. John Pilger, UK, Investigative journalist, ITV Network
  5. Mark Lee Hunter, France / USA, Investigative journalist / Author and trainer Story-Based Inquiry / Founding member, Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN)
  6. Giannina Segnini, USA, Investigative journalist, Director / Columbia Journalism School
  7. Ides Debruyne, Belgium, Investigative journalist / Managing director, Journalismfund
  8. Daniel Ellsberg, USA, Whistleblower (source of the top secret Pentagon Papers to 17 newspapers)
  9. Elena Vinogradova, Russia, Editor, Open Media
  10. Nils Mulvad, Denmark, Investigative journalist / Editor and partner Kaas & Mulvad / Editor-in-chief Investigative Reporting Denmark Åbenhedstinget
  11. Tanja van Bergen, The Netherlands, Investigative journalist / Trainer, Former managing director Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists (VVOJ)
  12. Alain Lallemand, Belgium, Investigative journalist, ICIJ Alumni / Le Soir
  13. Daniel Santoro, Argentina, Investigative journalist / Editor, Clarin / FOPEA
  14. Catherine Riva, Switzerland, Investigative journalist, co-founder Re-Check
  15. Bill Birnbauer, Australia, Investigative journalist / Adjunct senior lecturer Monash University / Founder Democracy’s Watchdogs
  16. Chris Hedges, USA, Investigative journalist / Columnist / Author, Truthdig
  17. Sabrina Provenzani, UK, Journalist / UK contributor, Il Fatto Quotidiano
  18. Anthony Bellanger, Belgium / France, General secretary, International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)
  19. Noam Chomsky, USA, Political and media commentator, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  20. Alia Ibrahim, Lebanon, Investigative journalist / Co-Founder and CEO, Daraj
  21. Stefan Candea, Romania, Investigative journalist / Coordinator, Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism
  22. Staffan Dahllöf, Denmark / Sweden, Investigative journalist, Freelance
  23. Asaad Al-Zalzali, Iraq, Investigative journalist, Freelance
  24. Dylan Welch, Australia, Investigative journalist, ABC News Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  25. Martin Stoll, Switzerland, Investigative journalist / Managing director Öffentlichkeitsgesetz.ch (Swiss Foia) / vice-chair investigativ.ch
  26. Lucy Komisar, USA, Investigative journalist, The Komisar Scoop
  27. Branko Čečen, Serbia, Investigative journalist / Director, Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia
  28. Syed Nazakat, India, Founder and editor-in-chief, DataLEADS
  29. Marco Travaglio, Italy, Editor-in-chief, Il Fatto Quotidiano
  30. John-Allan Namu, Kenya, Investigative journalist / Founder and CEO, Africa Uncensored
  31. Saša Leković, Croatia, Investigative journalist / Editor / Trainer, Freelance
  32. Myret Zaki, Switzerland, Journalist / Columnist / Writer, Former editor Bilan
  33. Joël Matriche, Belgium, Investigative journalist, Le Soir
  34. Ruth Hopkins, South Africa, Investigative journalist, Freelance
  35. Adriana Homolova, The Netherlands, Data and investigative journalist, Freelance
  36. Mark Curtis, UK, Investigative journalist / Writer / Editor, Declassified UK
  37. Carlos Enrique Bayo, Spain, Chief editor investigations, Diario PÚBLICO
  38. Riccardo Fanciola, Switzerland, Investigative journalist, Freelance
  39. Vanessa Boy-Landry, France, Investigative journalist, Paris Match
  40. Gregory Gondwe, Malawi, Investigative journalist / Executive director, Platform for Investigative Journalism (PIJ)
  41. Zeynep Sentek, Germany / Turkey, Investigative journalist / Managing editor, The Black Sea
  42. Kerry O’ O’Brien, Australia, Investigative journalist / Editor / Chair, Walkley Foundation
  43. Tamas Bodoky, Hungary, Investigative journalist / Editor, Atlatszo.hu
  44. Patrick Mayoyo, Kenya, Investigative journalist / Editor, Next Generation Media Ltd
  45. Craig Shaw, UK, Investigative journalist / Editor, The Black Sea
  46. Cecilia Anesi, Italy, Investigative journalist, Editor Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI)
  47. Begoña Pérez Ramírez, Spain, Investigative journalist, infoLibre
  48. Dominique Strebel, Switzerland, Investigative journalist, co-founder investigativ.ch
  49. Hanene Zbiss, Tunisia, Investigative journalist / Trainer, Freelance
  50. Ryan Grim, USA, Investigative journalist / Washington Bureau Chief, The Intercept
  51. Mihailo Jovović, Montenegro, Editor at Large, Vijesti
  52. Roberto Jurkschat, Germany, Investigative journalist, rbb / ARD / Freelance
  53. Andrew Fowler, Australia, Investigative journalist / Author, ex ABC News Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  54. Emmanuel Dogbevi, Ghana, Managing Editor, Ghana Business News
  55. Jonathan Cook, UK / Israel, Investigative journalist / Columnist
  56. Sandra Bartlett, Canada, Investigative journalist, Freelance
  57. Edwy Plenel, France, Investigative journalist / President and co-founder, Mediapart
  58. Carlos Eduardo Huertas, Colombia, Investigative journalist / Director, CONNECTA
  59. Jane Whyatt, Germany / UK, Journalist / Filmmaker,
  60. Patrick Vallélian, Switzerland, Investigative journalist / Director and publisher sept.info
  61. Berislav Jelinić, Croatia, Editor-in-chief, Nacional
  62. Stefano Vergine, Italy, Investigative journalist, Freelance
  63. Dallas C. Galvin, USA, Editor, Root & Branch News
  64. Slobodan Despot, Switzerland, Founder and director antipresse.net
  65. Brice Ivanovic, France, Investigative journalist, Freelance
  66. Frédéric Pfyffer, Switzerland, Journalist / Documentaries unit deputy head RTS
  67. Annissa Warsame, Germany / UK, Journalist, Freelance
  68. Sylke Gruhnwald, Switzerland, Investigative journalist, Freelance
  69. Lara Aerts, The Netherlands, Journalist, Freelance
  70. Romaine Jean, Switzerland, Journalist / Columnist / Consultant / Fomer RTS anchor
  71. Giuseppe Giulietti, Italy, Journalist / President Federazione Nazionale Stampa Italiana (FNSI)
  72. Jeff Sparrow, Australia, Journalist / Guardian columnist
  73. Olayinka Oyegbile, Nigeria, Investigative journalist / Deputy editor, The Nation Newspapers
  74. Rui Araujo, Portugal, Investigative journalist, Freelance
  75. Purity Kinyamu, Kenya, Investigative and data journalist, Africa Uncensored
  76. Trevor Timm, USA, Co-founder and executive director, Freedom of the Press Foundation
  77. Gehad Abbas, Egypt, Investigative journalist,
  78. Luis Nhachote, Mozambique, Investigative journalist / Executive coordinator, Centro de jornalismo investigativo (CJIMOZ)
  79. Matteo Scanni, Italy, Investigative journalist / Founder and director, DIG Awards
  80. George Monbiot, UK, Investigative journalist / Columnist / Author,
  81. Christian Campiche, Switzerland, Investigative journalist / Writer / Founder and director, Infoméduse
  82. Adrian Mogos, Romania, Investigative journalist, Freelance
  83. Emmanuel Vire, France, General secretary, Syndicat national des Journalistes (SNJ-CGT)
  84. Diana Moukalled, Lebanon, Investigative journalist / Co-Founder and managing editor, Daraj
  85. Antony Loewenstein, Israel / Australia, Journalist / Author / Filmmaker
  86. Josef Redl, Austria, Editor, Falter
  87. Iqbal Athas, Sri Lanka, Investigative journalist,
  88. Francesca Skoknic, Chile, Investigative journalist
  89. Paul Mason, UK, Journalist / Columnist
  90. Bastian Obermayer, Germany, Investigative journalist / Head of investigations, Süddeutsche Zeitung
  91. Barbara Spinelli, Italy, Journalist / Columnist / Former MEP
  92. Gerald Bermudez, Colombia, Photojournalist
  93. Blaise Lempen, Switzerland, Secretary General, Presse Emblème Campagne (PEC)
  94. Anna Brees, UK, Investigative journalist / New Media journalist, Brees Media
  95. Omer Andriaminah, Madagascar, IT Officer / Safety and Security Focal Point / OSINT, MALINA
  96. Hugo Alconada Mon, Argentina, Investigative journalist / Investigations editor, La Nación
  97. Evert De Vos, The Netherlands / Belgium, Investigative journalist / Chairwoman, Dutch/Flemish organization of investigative journalists (VVOJ)
  98. Viktor Parma, Switzerland, Investigative journalist / Columnist / Ombudsman lobbywatch.ch
  99. Alberto Nerazzini, Italy, Investigative journalist / Co-founder DIG Awards / Director, Dersu Productions
  100. Melanie McFadyean, UK, Journalist, Freelance
  101. Paddy Manning, Australia, Author / Contributing political editor, The Monthly magazine
  102. Yann Philippin, France, Investigative journalist, Mediapart
  103. Halima Athumani, Uganda, Investigative journalist / Correspondent, Voice of America
  104. Hazem Al-Amin, Lebanon, Investigative journalist / Co-founder and editor-in-chief, Daraj
  105. Guy Rundle, Australia, Correspondent-at-large, Crikey
  106. Phil Miller, UK, Investigative journalist, Declassified UK
  107. Susanne Reber, USA, Investigative journalist / Executive producer podcasts, Scripps Washington Bureau
  108. Peter Cronau, Australia, Investigative journalist / Producer, ABC News Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  109. Sandro Ruotolo, Italy, Investigative journalist, fanpage.it
  110. Quentin Dempster, Australia, Investigative journalist / Author / Former ABC News Australian Broadcasting Corporation,
  111. Gianluigi Nuzzi, Italy, Writer / Journalist
  112. Matt Kennard, UK, Investigative journalist, Declassified UK
  113. Charles Glass, UK, Investigative journalist / Writer / Broadcaster / Publisher,
  114. Julian Claudi, Germany, Journalist, Deutsche Welle (DW)
  115. John Goetz, Germany, Investigative journalist / Editor investigations, NDR
  116. Mohamed Kabba, Sierra Leone, Regional secretary Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ)
  117. David Crouch, Sweden, Senior lecturer, Department of Journalism, Media and Communication University of Gothenburg
  118. Vaughan Smith, UK, Investigative journalist / Videojournalist / Founder Frontline Club,
  119. Fabiola Torres, Peru, Investigative journalist / Director, Salud con Lupa
  120. Hisham Allam, Egypt, Investigative journalist, Freelance
  121. Richard Gizbert, UK / Canada, Host / Creator, The Listening Post Al Jazeera English
  122. Leah Borromeo, UK, Investigative journalist / Filmmaker / Co-funder, Disobedient Films
  123. David Ramasseul, France, Journalist, Paris Match
  124. Stefania Maurizi, Italy, Investigative journalist, Il Fatto Quotidiano
  125. Pedro Miguel, Mexico, Editorial coordinator, La Jornada
  126. Paolo Attivissimo, Switzerland, Technology journalist, Freelance
  127. David Cromwell, UK, Editor, Media Lens
  128. David Edwards, UK, Editor, Media Lens
  129. Chen Weihua, China, EU Bureau Chief and columnist, China Daily
  130. Eva K. Bartlett, Canada, Investigative journalist, Mint Press News
  131. Pablo Navarrete, UK / Chile, Journalist, Documentary filmmaker, Founder of Alborada Films
  132. Špela Stare, Slovenia, Secretary general, Slovene Association of Journalists
  133. Bernard Keane, Australia, Politics editor, Crikey
  134. Albert Lin, China (Hong Kong), Op-Ed Editor, China Daily Hong Kong Edition
  135. Michael Bird, UK / Romania, Journalist / Editor, Inclusiv
  136. Ivan Mugisha, Rwanda, Senior journalist, The East African
  137. Alessandro Mantovani, Italy, Investigative journalist, Il Fatto Quotidiano
  138. Christophe Deloire, France, Secretary general, Reporters without Borders (RSF)
  139. Tareq Haddad, UK, Investigative journalist, Freelance
  140. Jeffrey Sterling, USA, Whistleblower, Former CIA Officer (Operation Merlin)
  141. Beat Allenbach, Switzerland, Journalist / Columnist, Journal21
  142. Can Dündar, Turkey / Germany, Investigative journalist, Editor-in-Chief of Correctiv’s #ÖZGÜRÜZ / Formerly Editor-in-Chief Cumhuriyet
  143. Edward Snowden, USA / Russia, NSA Whistleblower / President Freedom of the Press Foundation
  144. Thomas L. Knapp, USA, Director / Senior news analyst, William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism
  145. Federico Gatti, Italy, UK Correspondent, Mediaset
  146. Nikolas Leontopoulos, Greece, Investigative journalist / Co-founder, Reporters United
  147. Daniela Shams, Italy, Journalist / Publisher, Lifestyle4unique
  148. Eduard Victor, The Netherlands, Editor-in-chief, iyouport
  149. Ingi Vilhjálmsson, Iceland, Journalist, Stundin
  150. Thor Fanndal, Iceland, Journalist, Freelance
  151. Detlef Kutz, Germany, Science journalist, Freelance
  152. Jóhann Páll Jóhannsson, Iceland, Journalist, Stundin
  153. Giulio Rubino, Italy, Investigative journalist, Correctiv / Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI)
  154. Namrata Sharma, Nepal, Investigative journalist / Member, Center for Investigative Journalism (CIJ)
  155. Johanna Commenge, Switzerland, Journalist, RTS
  156. Barnaby Nerberka, United Kingdom, Producer, Ruptly
  157. Didier Chammartin, Switzerland, Editor, Le Nouvelliste
  158. Hus Annick, Belgium, Investigative journalist, Freelance
  159. Kayes Sohel, Bangladesh, Journalist, Freelance
  160. Thierry Oppikofer, Switzerland, Editor, Tout l’Immobilier Weekly
  161. Damiano Vezzosi, Italy, Contributor, left.it
  162. Luciano Salellas, Argentina, Co-founder, Intermedia Press
  163. Jalal Othman, Libya, Investigative journalist, LIFIJ
  164. Isolda Agazzi, Switzerland, Journalist, Freelance
  165. Alan L. Stewart, USA, Columnist / Photo Journalist (retired)
  166. François Besse, France, Editor, aeroVFR
  167. Steve Sweeney, UK, International editor, Morning Star
  168. Nico Schmidt, Germany, Investigative journalist, Investigate Europe
  169. Rosa Pérez Masdeu, Spain, Journalist, Freelance
  170. Olivier Mukuna, Belgium / Congo, Journalist, Freelance
  171. Johannes Kristjansson, Iceland, Editor, Reykjavik Media
  172. Amr Shaltoot, UK, Photojournalist / Writer, SHALTOOT
  173. Claudine Bories, France, Filmmaker, Freelance
  174. Christian Noisette, France, Former IT management engineer, Mediapart
  175. Isabelle Piroux, France, Journalist, France Bleu Paris
  176. Sarah Normand, France, Lector, Mediapart
  177. Bob Baldock, USA, Producer, KPFA Radio
  178. John Owen, USA, Journalist / Educator (retired),
  179. Jan Jirát, Switzerland, Investigative journalist, WOZ
  180. Katrin Baldursdottir, Iceland, Journalist, Freelance
  181. Charles Thibout, France, Chief editor, France Culture
  182. Kirsten Juel, Switzerland, Chief editor, KERNPUNKTE
  183. Sarah Taylor, Australia, Former columnist, Vive Charlie
  184. Anita McNaught, UK / New Zealand, Journalist / Broadcaster / Foreign correspondent, Freelance
  185. Collins Mtika, Malawi, Investigative journalist / Executive director, Centre for Investigative Journalism Malawi
  186. Alain Froissart, France, Former editor-in-chief, Libération
  187. Lee Stranahan, USA, Journalist, Sputnik
  188. Christian Fuchs, Germany, Journalist, DIE ZEIT
  189. Myrna Lim, USA, Producer / Host, California Public Access Television
  190. Marcus Strom, Australia, President, Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA)
  191. Stephanie Wood, Australia, Writer, Freelance
  192. Margaret Kimberley, USA, Editor / Senior columnist, Black Agenda Report
  193. Guy Mettan, Switzerland, Executive director, Club Suisse de la Presse
  194. Clive Hulett, Australia, Journalist (retired), The Post
  195. Peter McFarlane, Canada, Journalist / Author, Freelance
  196. Margret Heinreksdottir, Iceland, Journalist (retired)
  197. Sarah Abed, USA, Journalist, Freelance
  198. Jacqui Trewin, Australia, Journalism student / Journalist, Freelance
  199. Arnold August, Canada, Journalist, Global Research
  200. Raghu Mainali, Nepal, Editor-in-chief, Parisambad.com
  201. Mathieu Magnaudeix, France, Journalist, Mediapart
  202. Victoria Quade, New Zealand, Community broadcaster, Wellington Workers’ Educational Association
  203. George Szamuely, USA, Journalist / Author, Freelance
  204. Petra Reski, Germany, Journalist / Writer, Freelance
  205. Alawia Vinogradova, Russia, Senior editor, RT TV Arabic
  206. Pierre Crevoisier, Switzerland, Journalist, Freelance
  207. Kristinn Hrafnsson, Iceland, Editor-in-chief, WikiLeaks
  208. Russ Radcliffe, Australia, Editor, Freelance publisher
  209. Hidipo Nangolo, Namibia, Owner and managing editor, North Star Online News Agency & e-Newspaper
  210. Marc Meillassoux, France, Journalist / Documentary filmmaker, Freelance
  211. Sven Becker, Germany, Editor, Der Spiegel
  212. Joe Lauria, USA, Former WSJ, Boston Globe, Sunday Times (London) correspondent / Editor-in-chief, Consortium News
  213. Thoma Lamprini, Greece, Producer, Barricade MIKE
  214. Gemma D’Urso, Switzerland, Journalist, Le Temps / Keystone-Ats
  215. Fabien Rives, France, Journalist, RT
  216. John Passant, Australia, Journalist, Freelance
  217. Gašper Lubej, Slovenia, Journalist, Al Jazeera Balkans
  218. Iason Athanasiadis, Greece, Journalist, Freelance
  219. Pierre-Jules Gaye, France, Journalist, Auxerre TV
  220. Jean Doubovetzky, France, Editor, Prescrire
  221. Ross Ashcroft, UK, Broadcaster, Renegade Inc
  222. Elena Marisol Brandolini, Spain, Journalist
  223. Sylvie Gardel, Switzerland, Deputy editor-in-chief, Sept.info
  224. Björn Karlin, Sweden, Editor / Journalist / Photojournalist / Former SVT, Karlinmedia
  225. Reiner Dammann, Germany, Author, Nachrichtenspiegel-online
  226. Stephane Riand, Switzerland, Editor-in-chief, L’1DEX
  227. Jens Berger, Germany, Editor, NachDenkSeiten
  228. Andrea Drescher, Germany, Journalist, Free21 / Freelance
  229. Ulrich Heyden, Russia, Journalist / Foreign correspondent, Der Freitag
  230. Stéphane Christophe, France, Journalist, Le Courrier de l’Ain
  231. Mathias Tretschog, Germany, Freelance Journalist / Founder, Friedensinitiative Stop the WAR in Yemen
  232. Susanne Kaufmann, Germany, Head of editorial culture radio and TV, Südwestrundfunk
  233. Jamal Eresh, Bangladesh, Editorial assistant, The Daily Star
  234. Sophie Benoits, France, Journalist, France Télévisions
  235. Françoise Pourre, France, Journalist (retired), Mediapart
  236. Sabina Morandi, Italy, Journalist, Liberazione
  237. Barbara Lampridou, Germany, Journalist, SWR3
  238. Pierstefano Durantini, Italy, Journalist / Photojournalist, Freelance
  239. Nazarian Zara, Armenia, General secretary, International Francophone Press Union
  240. Tom Wellbrock, Germany, Writer, Neulandrebellen
  241. Sean Murphy, Australia, Journalist / Producer, ABC News Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  242. Christian Salmon, France, Journalist / Columnist, Mediapart
  243. Joseph Paris, France, Filmmaker, Image critique
  244. Jonathan Reveron, Venezuela, Editor / Documentalist
  245. Michael Steven Smith, USA, Co-host, Law And Disorder Radio
  246. J.M. Porup, USA, Cybersecurity reporter, IDG
  247. Peter Biesterfeld, Canada, Journalist, NOW Magazine
  248. Dora Sarri, Greece, Journalist / Radio producer and presenter (retired),
  249. Katherine Watt, USA, Investigative journalist / Editor and publisher, Bailiwick News / KW Investigations LLC
  250. Pierre-Yves Schneider, France, Senior journalist / Trainer, Freelance
  251. Scandre Hachem, Senegal, Journalist, Senenews
  252. Annette Cornelia Eckert, Germany, Journalist, Art and Alexander Technique
  253. Arturo Alvarez, USA, Producer, NBC Universal / Telemundo
  254. Ingibjörg Dögg Kjartansdóttir, Iceland, Editor, Stundin
  255. Thora Kristín Asgeirsdottir, Iceland, Columnist, Journalist Association of Iceland
  256. Ken Billings, Canada, Editor, Digileak Canada
  257. Haukur Már Helgason, Iceland, Journalist, Freelance
  258. Heriberto Rodriguez, Mexico, Photographer, Latinphoto
  259. André Riche, Belgium, Journalist /Former deputy editor, Le Soir
  260. Nabean Tiwari, Nepal, Columnist, Freelance
  261. Pierre Ganz, France, Journalist, Observatoire de la Déontologie de l’Information
  262. Aurora Alicino, Italy, Journalist, Il Ticino
  263. Joseph Emersberger, Canada, Journalist, FAIR / The Canary / Counterpunch
  264. Vincent Engel, Belgium, Columnist, Le Soir
  265. Ciril Brajer, Slovenia, Journalist (retired), Dnevnik
  266. Marc Molitor, Belgium, Journalist (retired), RTBF
  267. David Cronin, Ireland, Associate editor, The Electronic Intifada
  268. Bintou Diarra, Mali, Journalist, Le Challenger
  269. Thomas Macaulay, UK, Senior online editor, IDG UK
  270. Jesus Rodriguez Espinoza, Venezuela, Editor, Orinoco Tribune
  271. Žana Živaljević, Serbia, Editor / Journalist
  272. Ricardo Gutierrez, Belgium, General secretary, European Federation of Journalists (EFJ)
  273. Munir Khatib, Lebanon, Editor, Freelance
  274. Stefanie Vitt, Germany, Editor, SWR
  275. David Wightman, Canada, Journalist, Freelance
  276. Gena Tuffery, New Zealand, Journalist and sub-editor, Freelance
  277. Lode Vanoost, Belgium, Journalist, DeWereldMorgen
  278. Luca De Biase, Italy, Editor-in-chief, Nòva Il Sole 24 Ore
  279. Morgane Le Cam, France, Reporter, Freelance
  280. Olivier Bimsenstein, France, Journalist, La Montagne
  281. Marceau Brayard, France, Photojournalist / Writer, CultureJazz
  282. Francis Jorissen, France, Journalist, Freelance
  283. Joanna Blythman, UK, Journalist / Author, Freelance
  284. Rainer Steussloff, Germany, Board member, FREELENS e.V. photographers association
  285. Alex Ruppenthal, USA, Journalist, Freelance
  286. Marc Endeweld, France, Investigative journalist, Freelance
  287. Vanessa Spedding, UK, Journalist, Freelance
  288. Peter Kofod, Denmark, Journalist, Freelance
  289. Caroline Dumay, South Africa, Journalist, France 24
  290. Elizabeth Vos, USA, Investigative journalist, Freelance
  291. Pavel Volkov, Ukraine, Journalist, Ukraina.ru / VZ.ru
  292. Julian McLeod, UK, Sub-editor, Freelance
  293. Elizabeth Leier, Canada, Journalist, Freelance
  294. Ross Slater, UK, Reporter, The Guardian / New York Post / The Sun
  295. Lilia Weslaty, Tunisia, Journalist, European Institute of the Mediterranean
  296. Nozomi Hayase, USA, Writer / Journalist, Freelance
  297. Ruediger Rossig, Germany, Head of BHS-division, Deutsche Welle
  298. Roland Tüscher, Switzerland, Chief Editor, Ein Nachrichtenblatt
  299. Harandane Dicko, Mali, Photojournalist, Freelance
  300. Anne Susskind, Australia, Reporter, Freelance (Former Fairfax)
  301. Žiga Brdnik, Slovenia, Journalist / Film critic, Freelance
  302. Konstantin Kevorkyan, Russia, Journalist, Ukraina.ru
  303. Virginia Pérez Alonso, Spain, Co-director, Público
  304. Reg Rumney, South Africa, Founder and author, Daily Maverick
  305. Aurora Muñoz Lara, Spain, Editorial coordinator, Público
  306. Janine Römer, Germany, Investigative journalist, Freelance
  307. Stephen Tsoroti, Zimbabwe, Journalist, Freelance
  308. Ruslan Kotsaba, Ukraine, Television host, TV News One
  309. Natalia Maltseva, Russia, Correspondent, Gardens of Russia
  310. Gašper Lešnik, Slovenia, Photojournalist, Mladina
  311. Monica del Pilar Uribe Marin, UK, Director / Editor-in-chief, The Prisma – The Multicultural Newspaper
  312. Rossella Guadagnini, Italy, Journalist, Freelance
  313. Silvia Nieto, Spain, Deputy Editor, Yo Dona
  314. Oleg Slepynin, Ukraine, Journalist / Writer / Columnist, Freelance
  315. Peter Donaldson, UK, Writer, Freelance
  316. John Pittman Hey, USA, Journalist / Editor, The Taxpayers Channel
  317. Telma Luzzani, Argentina, Journalist, Radio Cooperativa / Sputnik
  318. Milosz Matuschek, Switzerland, Deputy editor-in-chief / Columnist, Schweizer Monat / NZZ
  319. Cat Wiener, UK, Broadcast journalist, BBC Radio
  320. Thanassis Avgerinos, Greece, Correspondent, Open Beyond TV
  321. Dilyana Gatandzhieva, Bulgaria, Investigative journalist, Arms Watch
  322. Jasmina Andrić Selaković, Serbia, Journalist, Freelance
  323. Michael Mazengarb, Australia, Journalist, RenewEconomy
  324. Manuel Langer, Poland, Journalist, Głos24
  325. Bára Halldórsdóttir, Iceland, Whistleblower, #klausturgate
  326. Dimitri Lascaris, Canada, Correspondent / Board member, The Real News Network
  327. Alexey Aleshkovsky, Russia, Columnist, Vzglyad
  328. Juan Alberto Sanchez Marin, Colombia, Producer, HispanTV
  329. Jiim Kavanagh, USA, Commentator / Columnist, thepolemicist.net
  330. David North, USA, Chairman international editorial board, World Socialist Web Site (WSWS)
  331. Keith Jackson AM, Australia, Journalist / Writer / Author,
  332. Samer Batter, UAE, Editor, ITP
  333. Abu Bakarr Thaimu Sesay, Sierra Leone, Editor, Voice
  334. Will Thierry, France, Senior journalist, France 3
  335. Daniela Binello, Italy, Journalist, RAI
  336. Carlo Gubitosa, Belgium, Journalist / Writer / Author,
  337. Charles Menger, Switzerland, Chief editor, Radio Vostok
  338. Stéphane M. Grueso, Spain, Director, Fíltrala Associated Whistleblowing Press (AWP)
  339. Steve Striegel, USA, Film journalist, International Cinephile Society
  340. Mark Footer, China (Hong Kong), Travel editor, South China Morning Post
  341. Corina Vasilopoulou, Greece, Journalist, I Efimerida ton Syntakton
  342. Silvia Cattori, Switzerland, Journalist, Arrêt Sur Info
  343. Marie-Laure Humery, France, Journalist, Version Femina
  344. Cristiano Lucchi, Italy, Founder, La Città Invisibile
  345. Marina Vichou, Greece, Journalist (retired), Athens News Agency
  346. Alain de Benoist, France, Journalist / Writer / Philosopher, Eléments
  347. Sandra Bašić Hrvatin, Slovenia, Professor, Media Studies Department University of Primorska
  348. Krešimir Bukvić, Croatia, Journalist, Zadarski list
  349. Tassos Tsakiroglou, Greece, Chief editor, I Efimerida ton Syntakton
  350. Maria Denaxa Marie, Greece, Journalist / Paris correspondent, Real Group
  351. Philippe Stroot, Switzerland, Writer / Translator, Investig’Action
  352. Giorgos Tsantikos, Greece, Editor, typos-i
  353. Eric Boever, Belgium, Journalist, RTBF
  354. Katharine Gun, UK, Whistleblower, Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence
  355. Maxime Kouvaras, Belgium, Journalist / Documentary filmmaker, ZIN TV
  356. Antonia Torchi, Italy, Head editor, Informazione Sostenibile
  357. Vladimir Skachko, Ukraine, Journalist, Versii
  358. Günther Pöschl, Austria, Cameraman / Producer, Freelance
  359. Anthony Klan, Australia, Investigative journalist, Freelance
  360. Vasilis Thanopoulos, Greece, Editor-in-chief, Antivirus Magazine
  361. Aggelos Barai, Greece, Photojournalist, Freelance
  362. Vasilis Karavakos, Greece, Journalist and editor, Ekfrasi
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